Meet the Pens

You will never understand the importance of a good pen until you use one. 

They are the tools that bring the words from the soul to the paper. 

Montegrappa Micra Yellow.jpeg

Montegrappa micra rollerball

This yellow Montegrappa Micra Rollerball was given to Katharine in 2014 before a trip to Basel World in Switzerland. It has never left her side since. Though the design has been discontinued by the manufacture, there are still many available at retailers in various colors. It is a great first pen. The ink glides effortlessly onto paper. 

Aurora Ipsilon Medium point fountain

The Aurora is the newest of the two pens and her first fountain pen. It has taken patience and practice but over time, this pen has found a way into Katharine's heart. The Aurora Ipsilon is an affordable but quality pen. Perfect for first timers. There is an option to dip or fill a reusable cartridge.