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My street art addiction - street art council
October, 2018

When does what you love become an addiction? Is it possible to be addicted to street art? The Street Art Council followed My Life in Yellow around the streets of New York city to hear her perspective on Street Art and if she thinks she is addicted.

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bright words: my life in yellow - Openletr
January 2018

Walking through the Lower East Side, it is impossible not to notice the yellow stickers inscribed with poetry. Stuck on walls, lampposts, mailboxes and other bits of urban clutter, the slaps read like scraps from a diary. Evocative, intimate, despairing, empowering, mysterious — they invite to feel and to think. My Life in Yellow is the story behind the words.

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Exclusive interview with 'my life in yellow' - Gritty vibes magazine
july 7, 2017

You may not know the mysterious artist known as “My Life in Yellow”, but if you’ve taken a casual stroll through NYC’s artsy neighborhoods such as Soho, you likely know her work. The multi faceted artist has made her mark throughout the city with her simple, yet elegant poetic statements plastered everywhere from mailboxes to streetlights. Gritty Vibes’ Terrelle Lue tracked her down, and allowed us to take a peak inside the mind behind the artwork.

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her life in yellow - sold magazine
June 2017

With all the colors of the rainbow, this female artist & poet only sees one shade. Our contributor Erica Stella caught up with My Life in Yellow to find out more about the woman behind those citron stickers.

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resistance is female - various outlets
Spring 2017

My Life in Yellow was invited to contribute to an Ad Take Over campaign with the group called Resistance is Female. Below are links to various news outlets who picked up the story. 

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